BBM has been making efforts to the expansion of its strength in language and knowledge to the related fields. Along with such expansion, we gradually formed our unique value – to provide complete language solutions to our customers.

As a part of such solution, training service is not only the extension of our language strength, but also a unique service available to current market.

Definitely, our training service is different from market competitors; in fact, we are focusing on the training of translation skills (especially writing skill and paper translation skill). To be more specific, our service covers basic

English writing training, professional English writing training, basic translation training, professional translation training, and technical translation training (in the field of medicine, IT, energy and auto), as well as advanced translation training (guided by senior translators).

At a status quo, most market training organizations prefer to spoken ability training, and pay less attention to the writing, saying nothing of practical translation. On contrast, BBM is able to provide practical and professional writing training, based on its long-term experience and talents pool. For example, all trainings are guided by the experienced instructors who ever worked as In-house Translators or Auditors at BBM. Based on their specialty in business, medicine, IT, energy, auto or other fields, and relying on our database accumulated from practical experience, they can ensure the students learn more in shorter period, and with more outstanding ability.

Also, comparing with the training organizations in current market, we have an unparalleled advantage – direct interaction with the practical translation, and deep understanding of the customers’ expectation to the translation. In this way a student has a touchable understanding of his learning goal and is expecting to have better learning effect.