At BBM, our PM System and QA System jointly represent our competitive edge and core values. As a language solution provider, we deeply understand that what our customers are expecting is to have an interactive experience with an appointed professional staff from job request, information communication, through job track, till job delivery. Following such an expectation, we have the Project Manager System implemented into every link of our process, in order to materially enhance the customer experience.

Virtually, all our key businesses are finished under the leadership of project managers. A project manager should be responsible for the comprehension of customer request, data retrieving, data sort and arrangement, flexible team organization, project implementation, till the feedback upon delivery and follow-up improvement. Therefore, for the final success of projects, it is critical to have a right man to act as the project manager. We are always trying to fit the right man to the right position, even from the first stage when we are assessing the candidates of project manager, say, we will assess their language skill, basic working skill, citizenship of BBM, and their cohesiveness to our company. Then we will conduct strict and effective training on them, until we are able to determine the final winners.

If you have chance to visit BBM, you may find so many outstanding project managers. Among them there is Daniel Ting. From this man you can deeply understand what it means to implement “Accuracy, Quality and Commitment”. He is responsible, swift and eager to learn. In fact, since the first day when he joined BBM in 2012, he has been rapidly shaping himself in translation ability, and immersing himself in our knowledge and management practice. He thereby has obtained a unique perspective in process optimization and management efficiency. In short, he is well identified by his efforts and endeavor, and he is also well identified by our corporate culture – energetic and promising!