At BBM, we regard Quality Assurance System as a part of our core value; this is based on our position as a language solution provider, and in view of our mission as a bridge linking China and outside world.

In fact, for every type of business, quality should be essential for its survival. We deeply understand that in the status quo of translation market, to be a dominant, it is a great opportunity and big challenge for us to consistently improve our quality assurance system.

At BBM, our QA system covers the whole work flow, from job request and job analysis, till data integration and job delivery, we all have strict Process and Checklists, and always integrate the attributes of Consistency and Reliability into our every step of flow.

For instance, at the stage of job analysis, we extract the glossary based on the job contents and its disciplines. Generally we will check the glossary with our customers before translation. At the stage of translation, we form professional team based on the job analysis and technical disciplines, and have a project manager track all the workflows. At the subsequent audit stage, we have an Auditor to conduct proofreading, focusing on any possible mistake related to the grammar, writing and comprehension, and after that, a senior audit will check the technical accuracy and concision of the translation. All of these processes are recorded and controlled via our MIS system. Only every item in the checklist has been checked, can a job be delivered to our customer.

Feedback from our customers is an integral part of our QA System. In view of this, we regularly check with our customers and collect their feedback, and based on the feedback, we improve our process constantly.

We centralize our database and knowledge library according to local requirements as priority to provide you consistent service. This also enables us to facilitate the internal training which we provide for every team member.