In the management of our team, we also adhere to the core culture of “Accuracy, Quality and Commitment”. Our efforts in team member selection and organization, through project implementation, to every progress in our history, have been reflecting our commitment to be a leading and reliable language solution provider.

At BBM, all key operations are conducted under the leadership of Project Manager. This once again demonstrates our core competitiveness based on PM System. The one who is qualified to be a project manager must be responsible for the in-depth understanding of our customer’s request, data retrieving, data sort-up and optimisation, team setup, project implementation, till the further improvement upon delivery. Therefore, it is critical to have the right man to act as project manager and have him/her fulfill the jobs smoothly, and this is also critical for the smooth operation of all kinds of projects and operations.

In view of this, we have set strict metrics for the recruitment and evaluation over a project manager candidate, that is, he must be qualified in foreign language skill, basic work skills, psychological contract with BBM and his citizenship at BBM, as well as his strong motivation to push BBM growth forward. On top of that, we will conduct further analysis and training on him/her, until he/she is fully qualified. As another core advantage at BBM, our up-to-date MIS System (covering QA System) has laid a solid foundation for the sustainable contribution from our project managers. In August 2007, with the formal launch of MIS (Management Information System), the data retrieving and integration, as well as the real-time monitoring on projects at BBM is greatly enhanced; thereby the project managers can concentrate themselves on the project track and coordination, and further enhance the reliability of our service as well as add more value to our customers.

The opening policy of China has strongly pushed the translation business forward. Currently, many translation agencies conduct their daily operations mainly based on the supports of external part-time translators. This is beneficial for cost-saving, it nevertheless faces some inevitable dilemma as data decentralization, unstable team, and fluctuation in quality control. In view of this, at BBM we only take part-time translators and free-lancers as our complementary manpower and necessary partners. They are valuable; however, in order to achieve our objective of accuracy, quality and commitment, we must assign at least 80% of our daily jobs to our In-house Translators and Auditors.

In fact, our In-house Translators all have rich experience and are highly responsible, while the Auditor is more professional and authoritative in translation and who will be responsible for the check and follow-up of In-house Translator’s Work. Both In-house Translator and Auditor will report to the Project Manager. Besides, our DTP Specialist and HR Specialist (organizing the external Senior Translators) also report to the Project Manager. All of these team members work together to share experience and to achieve the same goal, effectively and remarkably pushing BBM towards its vision. In 2012, a new team in Auckland as emerged, applying the same principles as the cap stone of our team management. On top of this, we now provide services with Project Managers whom are equivalent to native English communicators with also an excellent grasp of the Chinese language.