At BBM, All video transcript projects are processed by native English communicators who are fully aware of contextual differences and localization thanks to their Chinese cultural background, assuring you Efficiency, Quality, and Reliability.

No doubt Audio & Video Translation (listening, recording and translating) is extremely challenging. It requires strong listening ability and proactive attitude; also, it requires professional background and knowledge. BBM is so fortunate that our team is very competent. Currently our services include audio listening, video listening, audio translation, video captaining, and audio & video processing. Our languages are English, Chinese, Japanese, French and German.

At BBM, a special team is engaged in the Audio & Video Translation. Sometimes our In-house Translators also get involved. Besides, all video processing is handled by our DTP Specialists. They work together to ensure the smooth running of workflow.

Even from the earlier days, we began to accept Audio & Video Translation requests. We have successfully provided service to Lumenis Roadshow, GE MR Roadshow, Microsoft IPR Roadshow and SOHU IPO Roadshow, etc. In 2006, we began to adopt the latest video processing workstation to take the leading position in the market.