At BBM, interpretation is another core business. We provide interpretation service in the following fields: business, IT, medicine and medical devices, filtering technologies, auto, and energy. Having formed in the evolution of BBM, our selection in the professional fields totally fits our team’s strength.

As far as the types of interpretation are concerned, they include general business occasion, meeting, conference, seminar, lecture, and simultaneous interpretation. Languages include English, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Russian.

Under the leadership of Mr. Zhao (an experienced and professional simultaneous interpreter), our interpretation team is distinctive: they have strong working ability, professional background, intelligent and experienced. We have successfully provided service to China Trade Promotion Association in its “International Trade Development Forum”, and GE “International Medical Regulatory Affairs Forum”. Our efforts have gained high appreciation from our customers.

The opening of China brings more and more opportunities to our interpretation business. To seize such opportunities, we need bigger team and wider professional coverage, as well as stronger brand awareness. BBM is striving for such a goal.

We offer you simultaneous interpretation services provided by highly qualified and experienced professionals, building the communication bridge between you and the rest of the world, and relieving you from the stress and anxiety of cultural shock and unfamiliarity.