Along with our efforts in providing complete language solutions to our customers, we have identified and established our new value – brand promotion.

Different from traditional brand promotion, at BBM we still rely on our language advantage in promoting brand image to the publics. Our service focuses more on the brand history, brand connotation and brand value, and we are able to professional depict every brand story in vivid language. Our depiction follows the logic of brand development, and especially manifests the beauty of language, as we believe the beauty of language itself can effectively promote the brand.

At BBM, we share an exciting story in brand promotion. In 2005, when Rolls-Royce came to China to find a local partner to jointly promote its Phantom Luxury, they requested BBM to translate their brand story. Finally, they were excited with BBM service quality and further cooperated with BBM in brand promotion – to find more vivid stories about Phantom and to dig out deeper connotation of Phantom. Our final success created a series affective brand stories.

Along with the success road, BBM has been digging out more potential. Subsequently, we provided more service in brand promotion: from history of a brand, through positioning of brand, till the depiction of brand… We have outperformed our competitors due to our intelligence and efforts in value creation.