Milestones and Events of BBM Translation Service Beijing

  • July 1999: Beijing BBM Translation Service Co., Ltd. was founded
  • Oct. 2000: BBM signed a contract with GE Healthcare, becoming its long-term language solution provider
  • Feb. 2001: BBM signed contracts with Bayer Healthcare, becoming their long-term language solution provider
  • Oct. 2002: BBM signed long-term contracts with FW Johnson and Peugeot
  • June 2003: BBM signed a long-term contract with Microsoft
  • Oct. 2003: BBM signed a long-term contract with Pall Filter Corporation
  • June 2004: BBM signed a long-term contract with Kodak. At the same time, BBM established its most professional fields: medical science, auto, IT and filter technology
  • June 2004: BBM clearly defined and extended its core competitiveness: QA System and PM System. Meanwhile, it has gained the in-depth understanding of its culture “Accuracy, Quality and Commitment”
  • June 2005: BBM thoroughly optimized its database to provide more reliable service to its customers
  • Feb. 2006: based on its database as well as its KNOW-HOW, BBM took the lead in introducing foreign language writing and reporting service to the market
  • Aug. 2006: based on the latest AV platform, BBM introduced the professional Audio & Video translation and captioning service to the market
  • April 2007: BBM moved to the new office and opened the new era for its growth
  • Sept. 2007: BBM adopted the latest information management platform – the MIS System. With this, BBM can very effectively manage marketing, customer service, workflow control, financial management as well as internal
  • control, thereby greatly enhancing its competitiveness.
  • Dec. 2007: BBM entered into a long-term cooperation with Toshiba Medical Systems and Moteran Consulting Co.
  • March 2008: BBM signed a long-term agreement and Realboard Consulting Co.
  • May 2008: BBM signed a long-term supply agreement with Bausch & Lomb.
  • Oct. 2008: BBM started providing services to China Life Insurance Co.
  • Feb. 2009: BBM started providing services to DuPont Co.
  • June 2009: BBM signed a long-term agreement with Bio-Rad Life Science Co.
  • March 2010: BBM signed a long-term agreement with Beijing Zihuagang Medical Device Co.
  • Apr. 2010: BBM entered into language service agreement with BD Inc., a leading IVD Reagent group worldwide
  • Jan. 2011: BBM entered into language service agreement with worldwide leading syringe manufacturer Medrad to provide long-term service to it
  • April 2011: BBM signed translation service agreement with TCL Medical Systems, to work with it for its worldwide service ambition.
  • July 2011, BBM began to work with the world leading medical device provider EV3, thanks to BBM’s good reputation in the industry.
  • Feb. 2012, BBM worked for the all-package location project of GE Healthcare website, covering the modalities of Xray, CT, MR, Ultrasound, NM, IM, and a variety of medical solutions.
  • March 2016, BBM began to work for Angillent Medical Systems thanks to its outstanding performance in translation service.
  • Jan. 2018, BBM began to serve Carl Zeiss China by providing translation and linguistic solution to the company.

Development in Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland BBM Translation Service accedes to the legacy of Beijing BBM, providing local and global clients with a wide range of professional services from a team of professionals centralized by the core culture of BBM Translation: Accuracy, Quality, and Commitment. We are proud to announce the founding of our Auckland BBM Translation Service Ltd. in June 2012, as an international reach from China.

Auckland Mission: The mission of BBM Auckland is continuing to extend our advantageous position in the Chinese language to the globe and be an influential communicating bridge of the world, based on our attributes of “Accuracy, Quality, and Commitment”.

Over the years Auckland Auckland Translation Service has successfully provided service to DIA The Translation Service of NZ, UWIN International, multiple immigration agencies and local other businesses.